Problem with data store

Why does my datastore only save data half the time? I am using evaera’s promise module to attempt to save data when the player leaves and joins when Im testing in studio it only saves data sometimes. Heres my player leaving code;

local player_removed = game.Players.PlayerRemoving:Connect(function(p)
	return, reject, on_cancel)
		local player_stats = get_stats_table(p) --just a function that returns a dictionary of names and values e.g ['money'] = 5.
		local player_id = 'Player_'.. p.UserId --e.g "Player_1234"
		resolve(data_store:SetAsync(player_id, player_stats))
		warn('saved data successfully!')
		warn('uh oh something went wrong when setting the players data here: ')
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Probably because third party resources/modules are less reliable than the official ones.