Problem with humanoid flinging

Hello, currently I am working on a game, which requires me to rig and animate animals, I would like to prevent flinging if possible

So basically, what is happening is these two animals I made are supposed to chase you, but the problem is, when they touch you, they fling you.

I have tried lowering the density of the animals, I looked on the forum, but I don’t think what I found could relate that much,

Heres what is looked like:

If I need to add any details, please tell me,
Please help me figure this out, any help would be appreciated

Set their arms to uncollideable?


Tried that but it didn’t make a difference

I’m not sure why, but when I put cancollide off on all of the limbs, they still flinged

Are the limbs colliding with each other (more or less inside each other)? This could be the cause of the flinging.

Actually yes they are.

Also the reason of this, I just figured out was I left CustomPhysicalProporties on with the density high, but after I turned it off, the flinging was significantly less but still flinged.

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have you tried to set their collision id?

Yes I have tried putting the density down