Problem with position scaling

Hi, I scaled the position of this frame and text labels:

yet when I change the size of the entire frame (background) the frame does not stay in the center:

I need the frame to not change sizes.

Thanks for any help!

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Helo can you please give us more information about the parents (you should make a frame and parent evrything there if not alredy)

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Your UDim2 settings show a scale of 0.173, and no offset for the center of the GUI.
0.173 isn’t even 1/5th of the X screen size.
For it to be centered in a frame your scale would be .5 and the offset would be half the width of the size of the GUI Frame.

Use this instead of Offset it worked for me (this adjust the button scale/position to its parent gui part) (the button that needs to stay centered should also use this)

I still have this problem.
Original, full size

When i move the screen (bottom image is cropped)

Try Anchor point, .5, .5 then position .5, .5 on the FullscreenTip

Nope, didn’t help. Thanks though.