Problem with rank bot

I’ve set up a bot that ranks users in a group. I have the account’s ROBLOSECURITY cookie. However, when the server makes a request in a different country than the country the ROBLOSECURITY cookie was made in, the cookie no longer works.

Is there any way to disable this functionality?

no this was put in place for security reasons. if you are able to retrieve the cookie while ‘inside’ that region it in theory should be “disabled”.

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what? the account session was registered in the US, and when its used outside of the US the session expires.

I haven’t heard anyone else encounter this problem, so I figured there must be something I’m missing.

This was implemented a year or more ago (I can’t find the original thread) to try and counter cookie logging (people being basically just sending others their cookies), and people botting (usually models and such).

Your best option is hop on a vpn and create the cookie from the same region making the api request.

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