Problem with remaking billboardgui in ViewportFrame

Yes, that it. I simply used Camera.WorldToViewportPoint() but the scale of X is inaccurate. I tried to look up the topic about them. I tried all of them but they aren’t working. Any alternative way to do it?
Help is appreciated.

SurfaceGUI could be a solution to your problem. You’d just have to position the GUI on the part’s surface and have the camera set to always look at the the chosen surface of that part (Or have it rotate any way you’d like.) Setting the part’s transparency to 1 would make the GUI look like it’s floating.

I tried but they are invisible.

What is invisible? The SurfaceGUI?

Yes, any gui elements aren’t able to be used in viewportframe

You’re right, doesn’t seem like ROBLOX renders worldspace UIs through the viewport. It’s a good engine feature to shed some light on. I think you should post it and see what response you get. Definitely is an internal limitation at this time.