Problem with Remote Event

Im trying to make a gui that will go invisible but only for you so I used remove events but its not working

(I already have variables) close:FireClient(main) - Server Script that activates from a local

Then in a local script
local gui = script.Parent

local close = gui.Close


game.StarterGui.CharacterSelectionGUI.Frame.Visible =



But i’m also getting the error “FireClient: player argument must be a Player object”

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Quick tip next time use ``` to make code sections to make your code easier to read

Well to start with your error suggests exactly what it says, in your server script the part where you have:


the first argument (your main variable) need to be something like


not a string which you may have put

Second is that the OnClientEvent does not have a player argument as its first argument. It would just be:


And FINAL thing is that to set the players current GUI to non visible or visible you need to use playerGUI. For example:

-- Instead of using this:
game.StarterGui.CharacterSelectionGUI.Frame.Visible = false

-- Use this instead:
game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui.CharacterSelectionGUI.Frame.Visible = false

If you’re trying to make a GUI only go invisible for a singular player, you do not need remote events.

If you use a LocalScript and set the visible property to false through that local script, it would already be invisible just for the player.


listen to this guy, he is true

make sure that “main” is a player. not a character or anything else. Get back to me if its one and if its not then you should put it.

Some things cannot run in a localscript. But if your just trying to make something become visible and whatever your doing is compatible with localscripts then I agree you should simply just use one :man_shrugging: