Problem with resizing muiltiple selected parts past origanal built size

Hello, I would have posted this in the studio bugs if I could, however…
My issue is I have built something on a large scale (roblox character is just 1 inch compared to it, if your looking at it that way).

I’m now needing to scale it down, but when I do with the whole thing selected (grouped does the same thing), I can’t, I can only upscale it then to down scale it is like it hits a limit and its the original scale I built it. I can’t use the properties to scale it down as it would mess everything up.

As shown here, it is not the first time I had this happen, It sometimes happens with things that’s not so big
robloxapp-20210309-1502015.wmv (1.7 MB)

I do have model resizing plugin but I should not have to use it when ever I run into this issue

But you do. :eyes:

Just use the resize plugin. :slight_smile:

the thing is it should not be a roblox studio issue, it wasn’t always one… plus I can not see it scale as I scale it, And with the plugin you can only do it in increments

You’ve probably used some tiny parts in that build as well, as far as I’m concerned you can only scale something down to a size of [0.05, 0.05, 0.05]. What this means is that as soon as one of the parts in your build hits this scale the entire build will stop scaling as one or more parts have hit their smallest possible scale.

I don’t think there were, but that sounds like it might be something that could be the issue