Problem with roblox studio tools

Hello. I have been trying to make a game, but every time I open it, the tools break.

Its been happening for a while, and I think its time to get help.

How do I fix this?

If this happens only when you’re accessing studio from the website, try clearing your cookies and cache.

I never open it from the website.

This has happened to me a couple of times, exiting and going back in usually fixes it.

ive done that many times. didnt work

In your case, since this is a known bug, a simple solution would be disabling your plugins you’ll probably have an easy option or you could wait instill it gets fully fixed if that doesn’t work you could try to toggle on ‘team create’ as that’s a simple method i used when this issue was occurring. As Roblox staff are aware of this issue already:

It’s more of temporarily option you could use as this is related to a known bug that’s been reported already, consider keeping an eye on the existing thread and see when this get’s (fully) fixed. As it’s a problem with the tools regarding (toolbox, studio tools, and more).

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