Problem with setting a Color3Value

for _, v in pairs(game.Workspace:GetDescendants()) do
	if v.Name == "Blanket" then
		game.ServerStorage.Zeug.Color.Value = v.Color
		game.ServerStorage.Zeug.Position.Value = v.CFrame
		local Blanket = game.ServerStorage.Zeug.NewBlanket:Clone()
		Blanket.Color =
		Blanket.Parent = workspace
		Blanket.CFrame = game.ServerStorage.Zeug.Position.Value

This script replaces the old Union Blankets with new Mesh Blankets. It works fine, but the problem it that the script doesn’t set the Color Value.

It doesn’t set game.ServerStorage.Zeug.Color.Value = v.Color or Blanket.Color =

Yes, it doesn’t set game.ServerStorage.Zeug.Color.Value

Edit: It’s a Color3 Value

Can you tell me what v is supposed to be?

Ehm… v means the object called “Blanket” in the workspace. I am sorry I don’t really understand your question.

Well, I meant the class of it, but I suppose it is a Part.
So, I was stupid at first, because after re-reading your code the problem actually lies here:

Blanket.Color =

You’re trying to construct a Color3 out of a Color3, why don’t you try setting it directly to the Color3Value’s value? (^▽^)

blanket.Color = game.ServerStorage.Zeug.Color.Value

Okay, I tested something with GetPropertyChangedSiganal and the Values changes, but only to Black.

Can you send an error message? You may be trying to set the colour of a model.

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There is no error message and objects with the name “Blanket” are only Unions and not models

I tried something different and it works now, but thanks for help!

For unions, there’s a property called UsePartColor that you need to enable in order to change the colour