Problem with texturing

I am creating a game which uses a lot of textures, but I cannot simply rotate the texture, I have to rotate the entire object instead of just the decals, it is very problematic with different objects, like a wedge, as they have to stay in that specific position, is there any trick, tool or plugin which would let me rotate these textures? If not, is there any way to download the texture off Roblox and rotate it manually on my device to upload it back in? I do not have some of the textures downloaded on my computer and I cannot find them anywhere else, I am really thankful for any help.

You can’t rotate textures in roblox studio

Textures aren’t rotatable unless if we use the photoshop program to do it

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Only thing I can think of is putting an invisible part on or either next to the part you’re referring to, putting the texture on that and rotating the invisible part to give an illusion that the texture is on the visible part.

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Was thinking about doing that as well, but it may be pretty problematic if the texture is supposed to be placed on the edged side of a wedge etc, guess we would have to use unions to cut a block in half in order to do that.

If you need to union, I would suggest exporting that union as a .obj file from Studio, importing it into blender, optimising it there and importing it back into Studio.

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Alright! Thank you for explaining how to optimize unions, will be quite useful.