Problem with trying out module script

Hello, I am pretty new to module scripts and have never really worked with them before and its been like a day since I am working with them.
Here I am making a function in my module script which will create a leaderstats the moment a player joins a game.
my module script(located inside a server script which is inside a part in workspace):

As you all can see this function in the module takes 2 parameters; the value type and the name of the value.
When I am joining the game it is not creating the leaderstats.
My script:(located in workspace inside the part)

It might be a very silly mistake and if it is I am sorry to be creating a post over such an issue and I will remove it.

You should also parse the player object into the function. You can see the red line underneath player in your module script because Lua doesn’t know what ‘player’ is.