Problem with Walkspeed

Hi there, i made a npc which has 8 of Walkspeed, and it changes to when chasing 12. I made a running and walking animations. I want to know, how much walkspeed does it take to change from walking to running? And can you lower it?

I will apreciate any help.


What do you mean by this specfically?

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By that i mean, my npc is walking with walkspeed of 8, and a want it to change animations from walking to running when changing the Walkspeed if its humanoid. I have a R15 animate script so it needs to have certain walkspeed to change it from Walk to Run

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Nvm i fixed it somehow, ty for help tho! :smiley:

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How did you fix it? I was about to say do trial and error.

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Well i fixed my animation script cuz it had the same walk anim id for the run anim id


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