Problems with a script and it makes no sense to me

hey! ive been trying to make a very basic admin panel gui with scripts and stuff
only problem is that the LocalScript wont work properly and puts out a error that goes by this:

opendoor is not a valid member of ServerScriptService “ServerScriptService”

heres the script for the localscript

while task.wait(3) do
	if script.Parent.Text == "" then
		game.ServerScriptService.opendoor.Enabled = true
		script.Parent.Parent["Cooldown text"].Visible = true
		game.ServerScriptService.opendoor.Enabled = false
		script.Parent.Text = "Standing by..."
		script.Parent.Parent["Cooldown text"].Visible = false

yes i know, theres prob a easier and a better way to make something like this but yeah
the “opendoor” is a script in ServerScriptService
and the script there is just

game.Workspace.door2.Script.Enabled = true

i hope someone can help, thanks

It says that the ServerScriptService does not have a child/member by the name opendoor, are you sure that it’s still there when the code runs? Maybe you’ve made a spelling mistake?

A screenshot of your explorer would be helpful.

the opendoor is in the ServerScriptService, it doesn’t have any scripts that change its parent or anything. i dont get it why it plays this error when everything seems to be good to go

my only solution would be that the localscript messes something up

Oh I see the issue.

LocalScripts do not have access to anything under ServerScriptService.

Also btw if you change something in a local script it only happens locally, so the server won’t run the opendoor script because it doesn’t know that a user changed the Enabled property.

ah yes makes sense, thanks for the help

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