Problems with imported Blender models

I need help, I have been creating some of my first models in Blender but when I want to see the model in Roblox Studio you can see that the area I am looking at becomes transparent, I do not understand why this happens since I am new modeling

Another problem I have is that I still don’t know how the textures of these models work and I don’t know how to import the textures of the model into Roblox Studio, can anyone help?

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Some of the the face normals are inverted (flipped the wrong way).

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Thank you! It works, and could you tell me how to import Blender textures into Roblox Studio?

You’ll have to create the texture in blender by uv unwrapping the model then saving the image and editing it in something like gimp.

Get the model textured in blender and export it

Import the model into studio

if the texture doesn’t load when you import the model into studio I think you can still upload the texture as a decal and then apply the decal to the meshpart and it’ll wrap correctly.

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