Problems with materials toggling and content streaming

Alright so i am doing a settings menu wtih options such as disabling/enabling materials and etc.

I managed to do it however there is an issue. My game’s map is really big and, i use content streaming if a player disables materials, parts that are not streamed in won’t change their material.

I was thinking about something like a button to re-run the function but this may be impracticable.

Here is an explanation if you did not understand my issue:

Let’s say timmy wants to turn off materials, so he clicks a button that runs a function. This function will get all workspace’s descendants and make their material Smooth Plastic.

This will be his view (client), considering the parts with material have no been streamed in yet (server):

How can i make so that when those parts are streamed in to the client, they have no texture? Would be annoying for Timmy to open the settings and have to re-run this function right?

Maybe Workspace.ChildAdded() can be used?

I have made modules, big systems and i do a post over such a silly mistake, my fried brain didn’t even thing about trying this, thanks.

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Happens to the best of us! Don’t worry, I’ve been in the same boat multiple times. Making multiple infrastructures? No problem. Doing a quite minor thing? Help!!11!!

Glad I could be of help! Best of luck!

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