Problems with permission and GFX

Hi there developers!

I’m a GFX artist, and I recently re-read part of the Blender EULA, and apparently fan-art may be impermissible if I don’t have consent from the IP owner. In this case, the IP would be Roblox’s packages, hats, hairs, faces, and so forth. Are there any posts in which Roblox explicitly or implicitly grants general permission to use their assets whether that be in fan art or elsewhere? Are there any points where they are explicitly or implicitly against it? Of course the collaboration section of the Devforum actively allows commercialization of their product, but is there a post by Roblox or a staff member which can help? Thanks!


As if using hats, hairs, faces and etc in GFX and all?

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Not a solution, just a comment:

Never thought about that, but perhaps what they mean is fan-art that is posted on Twitter and such that promote your figure. If it’s just for a group within Roblox (Roblox assets within Roblox itself should be fine), then there might not be a problem. But if you’re selling the art to somebody as a commission, then there may be a problem (not that I know of). Again sorry I don’t know the answer, but just a possibility. IDK.

Yea I think it’s better to ask the person if their character can be used or not.

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TL;DR Roblox GFX is fan art because their assets like the Valkyrie helmet are not made by you and would be illegal to reproduce without proper permission stating, but they do give permission stating otherwise so long as their assets are being used on their site, but with GFX you’re not using it on their site: Is there a post in which they explicitly or passively allow or vice versa exporting their assets for use like this?

Long Answer

Well, Roblox GFX could quantify as “fan art” as in the fact that when you export Roblox’s meshes, you don’t really own the assets per se. Valkyrie accessory was not made by you, so technically it would be illegal to copy and export it outside of Roblox. Roblox says that their in-house made assets on the catalog are free to use on their platform, but exporting it to a third party program is off their site and would mean that it is not free to use. My question is that is there a place in which Roblox gives consent to exporting their assets?

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