Problems with RopeConstraint causing lag

After making a drag tool where you can drag other dead players with a RopeConstraint, I realised it’s not very smooth for either the player being dragged, or the player dragging (it switches between the two.).

I’ve tried setting the NetworkOwnership of the target, set the HumanoidStateType to Freefall and even set the PlatformStand

Any help is appreciated. (Not my gif, just one I found on the forums which is similar to my problem)

Yes, I did also read every other post related to this topic but didn’t really find any of them beneficial.

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Could you show what happens when you give network ownership of the victim to the attacker and/or set the victim’s HumanoidStateType to PlatformStand or Physics? The GIF you show here doesn’t indicate either of these things at play and that’s exactly why the “lag” is being caused: there’s wrestling over physics control over this joined assembly and the Humanoids are both applying their own forces.