Problems with the custom character editor in teleportation(client only)

Good morning, I have been developing a game with a friend of mine however I got a problem, I made a custumize character system however when it is teleported instead of client, server or know , the teleportation place should have only shown the client and not the server.

What do I need to know to make a script that when teleported shows only the client and not other users?

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Please be more specific teleportation in a place that is in the game or to another game?

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I don’t understand your question so I have a few more to ask.:

Why is your system being teleported? Do you mean the player?

What means server or know?

And, as @ZexityBlox already said, where shall the player be teleported?

You might encounter issues with the player’s position during a teleport replicating because of how character physics and all are handled. Try teleporting a local proxy character around instead and transferring changes on that model to the actual character.

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