Problems with Tools

Recently I have had a problem where I can’t put this tool in the starter pack using a proximity prompt and idk why

Here is the code

local ProximityPrompt = game:GetService("ProximityPromptService")

local function onPromptTriggered(prompt, player)
	game.Workspace.Drink = game.StarterPack



Any Help would be appreciated Thanks!

Try doing


also I noticed that in the local function you forgot to put .Parent after game.Workspace.Drink.

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You need to parent the tool into the player who activated the proximity prompts starter pack, so you cannot use game.StarterPack for this.

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workspace.Drink.Parent = player.Backpack

If you want the player to get this tool every time they spawn, like if it was in the starterpack, you would need to keep track of who has used the prompt and give them the tool when they spawn. I would also switch it to use a clone of “Drink” because setting the parent of the original tool means no other players will be able to get this tool, unless there are more instances in workspace.

local ToolClone = workspace.Drink:Clone();
ToolClone.Parent = player.Backpack;

ok Thanks! appreciate it! :smiley:

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