Process Receipt Not Working With Seating System

Goal: My goal is to allow users to purchase a seat using a developer product.

Issue: I am having issues with the Process Receipt. It’s not detecting that a user had bought a product, and running the code that I want it to run.

What I have tried: I have looked on the Developer Forum, Roblox Wiki, and on Youtube and haven’t found any solutions.

My Code (Server Script)

local MarketPlaceService = game:GetService("MarketplaceService")

MarketPlaceService.ProcessReceipt = function(receiptInfo)
	if receiptInfo.ProductId == 1149482197 then
		local Player = game.Players:GetPlayerByUserId(receiptInfo.PlayerId)
		print("Player Bought Product")
          return Enum.ProductPurchaseDecision.PurchaseGranted

Let me know below what my issue is!

I believe you’re missing the return. Add this line of code under print.

return Enum.ProductPurchaseDecision.PurchaseGranted

Edit: Rewording my sentence.

I added that before, I just forgot to add it in the post but I can try.