Product: exe | Modern Admin Panel, Simplified! [FINAL UPDATE]

Really great admin panel, I will report any bugs I find!

  • While in the management panel for a user, if you click off to the side (where the player list would be) it will open a player, and keep the list of player commands open.

    This also permits you to open multiple frames at the same time

  • Opening credits button, and then closing it will occasionally bug the back button.

  • This likely ties in with the previous bug, but occasionally, the “X” button will not close, I managed to recreate it by pressing the back button before pressing the close button.

And a few suggestions:

  • In unban manager, allow us to see every player that has been banned, along with the ban reason. The search function that already exists could be used to filter out usernames in the list as each letter is entered.
  • A third argument for bans, Duration.
  • Ability to give specific users access to a select amount of commands.
    • (e.g., the owners of the game can ban and use all custom commands, while a list of admins only have the ability to kick and use a few custom commands)

eek… not good looking bugs! I would try to fix the bugs and may be finally the last update for this product.

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I know the update took super super long it been almost a month now, but I’ll release the update later… that’ll fix the bugs you’ve mentioned.

and thanks for the feedbacks, I did 2 of them.

  • The player you permitted to access, you can edit their accessibility range by toggling these features.

  • Unbanning now is not about typing their usernames anymore, instead banned players is in a list and upon clicking on them will get them unbanned.
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this looks amazing, looking forward to this and the v3

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Product: exe V3

:telephone_receiver:: New Features

Revamped Unban Panel :sparkles::

As you can see banned players are on a list where you can simply click to get them off there. There’s a ‘Resync’ button, what it does it refreshes and resync the list to match the data saved on the Datastore.

Resyncing doesn’t always work, especially on Studio Playtesting, sometimes it will still show the player who you unbanned already, rejoining will solve the problem.

Input Procedure for Custom Commands :keyboard::

Now, you can use the new procedure for Custom Commands; Input. Input will show you the Textbox and will let the player’s type to it, rendering so much possibilities. Like the premade one it let’s you customize the Exposure Compensation property in the lighting.

If you updated to the Product: exe V3, you need to rework the framework of your Custom Commands.

Shift Commands :key::

Holding Shift when clicking the Kick button will kick the player right away without extra panels showing. Same with clicking Ban.

Search Player :bust_in_silhouette::

New Search button in the Players Page. You can search player’s Username, Display Name, & User Id.

Customizing Accessibility Range :briefcase::

When adding a permitted user id, you can also toggle these features to customize their accessibility range. Here’s what you can do!

Like for a lower admin rank you can disable the ‘canBan’ attribute or ‘canLockserver’.

‘canExecuteCC’ is an abbreviation for ‘canExecuteCustomCommands’ meaning if they had this turned off they wouldn’t able to use the custom commands you added


Jesus, this is so good
I am definitely gonna use this for my game, def for moderation.

Would highly recommend this on any experience


I have been using this for most if my games and had very good results thanks for sharing this amazing admin ui


Been a bit and happy with all the changes made! Seeing how this is the last update I suggest making a github repo to allow users to fork the source code and edit it to how they’d like as well as maintaining easier.


Hello this admin panel is very good! it would be better if you added a feature to ban people from other servers as well

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Hello is there a webhook option where lets say an moderator in the game bans someone that it shows up through a discord webhook? Would love if it had that feature