Product Installation Guide - Valero

Welcome to the Valero Product Installation Guide.
I am A_erospace, the founder and the Managing Director of the Valero Group.

Below, you can find installation guides for most of the Valero Products:

Self Check-In

Firstly, drag your Valero product inside studio.

Once you have the product inside, it should look something like this:

Now open your Explorer.
Open the “Configuration” file and fill in the values.

Then, drag in your tickets into the “Cards” folder. Make sure the card names are exactly the same as the ones you filled up in the Configuration file.

Duplicate the “Unit” as many times as you want.

Finally, enable HTTP Requests in your game settings.

Your Valero Self Check-In is set up and ready for use!

*Please note, the Self Check-In does not work in Studio for security reasons. You will have to use it inside of an actual Roblox game.