Product Prompt Which Don't Exist

Hey helpers,

My game is in serious trouble.
I didn’t use any virus in my game. I checked the workspace but I didn’t find any code with that name. It happens when someone plays or if I test in Studio.

In the ouput a code comes-

When I click it this code comes-

local Root = script.Parent.Parent
local Players = game:GetService(“Players”)
local Workspace = game:GetService(“Workspace”)

local PurchaseError = require(Root.Enums.PurchaseError)

local DEVELOPER_PRODUCT_TYPE = “Developer Product”

local THIRD_PARTY_WARNING = “AllowThirdPartySales has blocked the purchase”
… " prompt for %d created by %d. To sell this asset made by a"
… " different %s, you will need to enable AllowThirdPartySales."

local function meetsPrerequisites(productInfo, alreadyOwned, restrictThirdParty, externalSettings)
if alreadyOwned then
return false, PurchaseError.AlreadyOwn

if not (productInfo.IsForSale or productInfo.IsPublicDomain) then
	return false, PurchaseError.NotForSale

if externalSettings.GetFFlagEnableRestrictedAssetSaleLocationPurchasePrompt()
		and productInfo.CanBeSoldInThisGame == false then
	return false, PurchaseError.NotForSaleHere

if productInfo.IsLimited or productInfo.IsLimitedUnique then
	if productInfo.Remaining == nil or productInfo.Remaining == 0 then
		return false, PurchaseError.Limited

if productInfo.MinimumMembershipLevel == Enum.MembershipType.Premium.Value
		and Players.LocalPlayer.MembershipType ~= Enum.MembershipType.Premium then
	return false, PurchaseError.PremiumOnly

if productInfo.ContentRatingTypeId == CONTENT_RATING_13_PLUS and Players.LocalPlayer:GetUnder13() then
	return false, PurchaseError.Under13

local allowThirdPartyPurchase = true
if externalSettings.getLuaUseThirdPartyPermissions() then
	-- Use Q2 2020 universe-wide permission to restrict access.
	allowThirdPartyPurchase = externalSettings.isThirdPartyPurchaseAllowed()
	-- TODO(DEVTOOLS-4227): Need to remove here before removing AllowThirdPartySales from DataModel/Workspace.
	allowThirdPartyPurchase = Workspace.AllowThirdPartySales

-- Restricting third party sales is only valid for Assets and Game Passes
if productInfo.ProductType ~= DEVELOPER_PRODUCT_TYPE
	and restrictThirdParty
	and not allowThirdPartyPurchase
	local isGroupGame = game.CreatorType == Enum.CreatorType.Group
	local isGroupAsset = productInfo.Creator.CreatorType == "Group"
	local productCreator = tonumber(productInfo.Creator.CreatorTargetId)

		Third party sales will be restricted if the creator of the asset
		is not the creator of this game, whether the creators be users or groups
	if productCreator ~= ROBLOX_CREATOR
		and (isGroupGame ~= isGroupAsset or productCreator ~= game.CreatorId)
			Typically we avoid messaging the console for core scripts, but
			in this case we want to inform developers why their game isn't
			allowing sales while they're testing.
			isGroupGame and "group" or "user"
		return false, PurchaseError.ThirdPartyDisabled

-- No failed prerequisites
return true, nil


return meetsPrerequisites

In the properties, it says the parent is Utils. And in the properties, there is no disable script option.

I also cleared the whole script and saved script changes, But it comes again next time.

I don’t know how to fix this.

Thats an official Roblox script, and its preventing a third party sale from happening. You probably have a virus in your game if you’re getting third party sales that aren’t known, but if you are trying to sell a product from another profile or group, its preventing that.

Oh, then it will only show me? Or other players? Why does it show me?

Nobody will see it without looking in the console, but it still means you probably have a virus. I’d look at posts on the DevForum about virus removal.

But I saw all of my scripts. None of them prompts anything. Everything is fine. Then why does it prompt? I also run the Guardian angel plugin.

Check your plugins, one of them might be a virus.
You can try searching the IDs in the output.

For example, you can get the user ID from the “created by 36561766” and paste the ID in a profile link:

Check what plugins you have under their name, or models if you have ever used them in your place.

Is the prompt virus created by Z0MB0NE?

This is who made the product according to the output, although, try to search thru all scripts (ctrl + shift + f) for the product id (18062383590) to see if a script is doing it.

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I checked all of my scripts, There’s nothing there.

How about your plugins? It should be related to roblox studio itself rather than ur place, try opening another place and see if it gives you the same warning in the output.

Make sure you’re not in a script editor, go into the home tab at the top of studio, click “Game Settings” and there should be an option either under Security or Privacy, and enable AllowThirdPartySales if you want to buy the product, if you’re trying to make it where the prompt doesnt show or yku think theres a virus, take the ID and use the find/replace tab when you right-click the toolbar in studio, and try seeing if theres any code with that ID. Otherwise, the only other thing I know would be an obfuscated virus, malicious plugin, or a require hidden in a line of code somewhere.

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Here are all of my plugins installed-

Ro-Defender Plugin

To-Do List

Smooth Camera

Load Catalog Items


Remove Doubles

GameGuard Antivirus

Moon Animator

Paint On Click

Rope Master

Script Assist

Part To Terrain

3D Text Maker

Game Assist

Gap Fill

TG Guardian

Autoscale Lite

Waterfall Generator

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I tried all of that stuff. Thanks for the help.

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Have you looked for unrecognised requires or string functions?

Yeah, I checked all of my scripts. Everything’s fine.

Are you still having the issue?

Yea. I didn’t test it. You can come with me too. Here-

Two of your installed plugins, “LoadCharacter” by THEDEVOFTODAY and “Building Tools by F3X” by FrontPlugins appear to be illegitimate. I suggest you uninstall these plugins if either are currently enabled.

You can find the legitimate version of F3X here.


Okay, thanks. I will uninstall them now.

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Load catalog had script injection allowed.

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