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About Me

Greetings! My name is Caleb, I am a 15 year-old ROBLOX Developer, Scripter and Programmer! I have been playing Roblox since late 2014 as a guest (rip) but made this account in 2015!

I have been scripting on roblox for about 3 years (almost 4!) total now. It all started with me inserting free models into my game and studying how the code was put together. I also utilized many popular tutorial channels such as AlvinBLOX, RIPPER0NI and so many more!

Past Works



SERVER LOGGING (Also works for logging commands)
Screen Shot 2020-11-21 at 12.19.00 AM

Current Jobs

For about 1 month, I currently serve as a Contractor and Programmer for the group known as Noah’s Treeehouse.

For 1 year, I served as a Developer and Head Programmer for the group known as Iceberg Hotels. I have recently been re-welcomed to the position.


For a couple months, I served as the Chief Development Officer for the group known as honey&tea.

Also for a couple months, I served as the Programmer for the group known as The Lusso Resort.


Monday - Thursday, I am available from around 4 PM EST - 9 PM EST
Friday - Sunday, I am available usually from 1 PM EST - 12 AM EST (subject to change)


I currently do not have PayPal available, the only payment I can take is in Robux.


  • I LOVE working with systems (particularly drinking systems),
  • Possibly a custom Check-In system.
  • GUI Scripting (Intermediate, Tweens, Coloring)
  • Animation Scripting (ex: for drinking, I’m not an Animator)
  • Part Scripting, such as part coloring etc.
  • Versions! (I do enjoy scripting new versions)
  • Cafes, Hotels, Restaurants ETC. (I also do enjoy scripting business type games)


I have two methods of main contact:

  • Here on the developer forum!
  • Disc Communications; caleb#2647

I promise… I don’t bite! Thanks for checking my portfolio! :grinning:


Hey! I think it’s amazing you got places in these groups, and I would 100% reccomend you if you developed for these groups, as I have played all of them and the scripting is amazing, but I would very much like images, videos, or demo game links on your Portfolio, I can’t tell what I’m getting without seeing what you can do.

I completely understand why you would wish for these. However, the group Iceberg Hotels was recently given to a new owner (which resulted in me loosing my job) and that owner has re-done all games, which means all Iceberg scripts that I have there are now gone.
All of the video proof of me making the things that I did were also deleted as the the person who owned the server rebranded it and deleted the proof that I have. The only valid proof of this would be to go to the Lusso Resort game, I scripted most of the things there.

I’m sorry for this inconvenience! I hope you understand. :slight_smile:

However, I do have past testing games that I have scripted. Please note that the scripts are on the older side, I have new methods for scripting now. I still recommend checking them out!

Here’s a hotel I scripted, (generouusmuffins is my past username, feel free to check)

Here’s is a (I jokingly like to call) primitive drink system:

I have edited the forum post to include more of my works!

Totally recommend this guy. I knew him from Iceberg and he’s a great developer. Would recommend.

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Although I’ve never hired Caleb, I still do recommend him. I know him from Iceberg Hotels, as well as Honey&Tea, and C4LEB never fails to do a great job on everything he does.

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