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…Productions are looking for an experienced builder with up to 1+ years of experience. You must be dedicated to do the job and ready to do it.

What the job is:

We are looking for the builder to show professionalism when working - we wish for them to build a rustic but modern club willing for all to enjoy. It needs to be fit for all and must be largely sized. I will be able to give some photos regarding the club in direct messages once contacted regarding the position.

What we expect from you:

We wish for you to have a portfolio and he experienced in building clubs.
We want you to be mature and show confidence to work, you must be free from other positions or prioritise this job.


Owner/Creator - @go1_dyy (me)
Owner -@MisterGamernlo2
We realise that we currently only have 2 people on the team which is why we are making this post - I have connections with a few developers which may brought onto the team


You MUST be over the age of 13.
You MUST have a way to contact me, may that be DevForum or discord.
You MUST prioritise this job and spend 2-5 hours on this project a day, there will be exceptions.


We will expect to give you 10-20% of income.
Unless the game is not successful, we will have a backup fee of 10k - 25k.


You can freely contact me here on the forum or via discord: TwixerThunder#8537
Thank you for ready :smile:

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