Professional Builder For Hire (Services Closed)

About Me

Hello, I am Akkoard (Formerly known as DarkVariable on Roblox) and I am a professional builder. I have been building on Roblox since 2013 and I usually work on very detailed stuff, but sometimes I can also work on simpler stuff.



I am available on Roblox for about 1-6 hours a day, so I’d say I’m pretty active.


My prices start from 250 Robux if it’s a map, but for my more advanced work I’d say somewhere from 800 Robux, but the prices may vary depending on the amount of details. I only accept Robux as a form of payment and I usually get payed after my work, however, we can also talk about the price on Discord.


Feel free to contact me on Discord if you are interested!
Discord: Akkoard#0478

Thank you for reading my post.


Im interested. I friended you on discord


I’ve friended you on Discord.we

I have friended you, could you accept it?