ProfileService & Knit (REPLICA RELEASED)

Hello Developers,

My friend @HeatSquared just released a brand new model name ProfileService & Knit (REPLICA RELEASED). The model will help you to set up ProfileService faster and handle your experience data more efficiently. The model is very easy to use and set up. You can use this model to help your experience manage data better and prevent data loss from your experience to make your experience more enjoyable when the players visit your experience.

NOTE: If you have any problems with setting up the model. You can contact @HeatSquared with the contact information I provided below!!

~~ Full credit goes to @HeatSquared!! ~~


In this new update, the knit will be able to replicate datas to client. For more information, please install the knit and look for the #README file that was in the folder name “ProfileService (Replica)”

Download link:

Link - ProfileService & Knit (REPLICATE RELEASED)

Contact Information:

Discord - Gobble#8033 (<@358707777784250369> or heatsquared)
Gmail -


Video -



If you do not know how to use Knit I’d recommend not using this.

  • Install the model
  • Import model into your game
  • Open the folder that says “ProfileService & Knit”
  • Open the sub-folders and drag everything from inside them into the correct place

For example, Open ReplicatedStorage and drag everything inside of it into ReplicatedStorage Do not drag the folder named ReplicatedStorage itself.

How to add data:

To add data open up the module named “DataService” This can be found in ServerScriptService > Services. The data is at the top of the script named “Template” Any extra data you want can be added there.

Changing data via script

To change the player’s data from another script you can use:


Once you have the service, you can run the function “getProfile(player).Data” and change the player’s data from there.


local Data = self.DataService:getProfile(Player).Data
Data.Coins += 1

The data you change will be saved automatically.


If you have any question, you can ask here and I will try to answer you!

Does this also replicate instantly to the client?

Please dm HeatSquared on Discord, he wants you to talk with him!!