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Current status: *Not currently accepting requests.

This is my portfolio and is for show. Read the above status for contacting me regarding work, otherwise I'll contact you if I'm interested.


You seemed to have stumbled upon my portfolio page; welcome! I'm alikeshadow and I've been on Roblox since 2010.


Ability: Proficient
Programming (or scripting) is my favourite area to work in as it is what I like doing the most. I've been programming since around 2015 where I started off with Java, and in around 2018, I started to learn Lua. I am most experienced in developing tools and things that relate to physical parts, but I can do other things too like GUIs. The field which interests me most is security as it's becoming more and more important these days to protect users and secure assets. I would love to further develop my understanding within it.

Ability: Decent
I use the Roblox in-built animation editor to make character and GUI animations that compliment my scripts, but I'm always looking to improve and test in my spare time. Giving a simple item an animation can change the feel and quality of the game.

Ability: Alright
If I'm scripting and there is no build to go with it, I'll try my best to make something so I can properly test my scripts. I'm not the best, but I'm willing to try and see where I can go with it.

Ability: Not really
I've used modelling programs like Blender a few times, but I am not confident with it.

Ability: Not at all
Little to no experience in designing graphics like clothes, icons, etc.


Area-14 for SCPF || Special Containment Procedures Foundation.
10th March 2021 - 5th November 2021

I was a Developer working on Area-14, helping to keep the game up to date and adding in new features. Main focus was scripting.

Project Newcomer for SCPF :/ Special Containment Procedures Foundation.
1st November 2020 - 26th May 2021

I worked on their new site as an Assistant Head of the Manufacturing Department. Some examples of my work for them are below.

Vibe Dream for Aspect.Studios
1st January 2021 - 10th March 2021

Working as a Lead Developer, I was the (only) scripter for the game. I worked on the sound system, the developer products, gamepasses, door interaction, etc.

Site-98 for SCPF || [:] Specialized Containment Procedures.
March 2020 - 2nd December 2020

I was the head developer and scripter of the game (I also did a little bit of building here and there). I scripted lots of things from doors to tesla gates, keycards and the main menu. It is still in development.

Donxld's Foundation

Contains pictures and videos.


Video of them in action

Model: specialforcest
Scripting: Me
Animations: Me

Death Screen

Video of the screen


Video of them in action

Model: specialforcest
Scripting: Me
Animations: Me


Video of them in action

Model: specialforcest
Scripting: Me
Animations: Me


Video of it in action

Model: specialforcest
Scripting: Me
Animations: Me



Video of it in action

Model: specialforcest
Scripting: Me
Animations: Me

Personal Work

Contains pictures and videos.

Night-Vision Goggles

Night-Vision goggles :: alikeshadow - YouTube

Containment Area

Keycard Door & Interact System

Keycard Door & Interact System - YouTube

I'm always adding more to this list!


I am based in the UK so my time zone is GMT-0 (or BST if it is summer). I am able to be contacted most days via Discord, which you can recieve by messaging me. If needed, I can be on later or earlier if you are in a different time zone.


I can accept Robux or USD (better if it's GBP) though PayPal. Prices depend on what needs to be done but I'm flexible. I DO NOT take percentages of profits at the current minute.


Roblox Profile: alikeshadow
DevForum Profile: alikeshadow
Discord: [available on request]

Thank you for reading! I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Last updated: 26th of April 2023

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