Programmer Needed

Hey pals,

I’m needing a programmer for a fairly simple project. I won’t necessarily need you for the entire duration of the project, I just need a programmer to start the game off.

Payment is undecided at this moment, will discuss payment with any potential hires.

Details about the game:
NPC Wave-Type Killing game
Needs to have a shop for weapons and upgrades. (Uses weapons like the default sword types in the catalog)
Simple UI is needed, nothing pretty.
Saving purchases from the shop, as well as saving stats.
Global leaderboards for Kills / Level / Money
Different types of enemies.

Please PM me or DM me on Twitter. Thanks!

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It will help to find more applicants if you include some more details!
For example:
What sort of game is it, and what will need to be scripted?
Inventory system, saving, shop, menu UI, weapon system, etc.


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Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:

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Do you have a discord I could add you on?

Yep, I’ll PM you the name

I’m interested :slight_smile:

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