Programmer Wanted [one time payout]

Hello Developer forum! Today I have a proposition,

The job is fairly simple. We need a system which allows parties of people to teleport from place to place within a game. The game will start with a hub, and players will go from there I whatever “zone” they wish. Their character’s settings will need to be saved when they leave, and carry over with them to any new place within the game using data store.

Details on the game:
The game is already made, however the map is becoming too large and complex, so we’re splitting it into separate chunks.

Further details can be discussed privately, but I’m expecting a payout of $50. The price is up for negotiation, however. To speak with me about this, just reply below or send me a PM and I’ll respond :smiley:

Thanks for reading!

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Zone being a diffrent place that they teleport to?

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Yes, that’s what I meant

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