Project Deathstar - Looking For Investors

We are looking for investors willing to invest atleast 3000 :robux: for a star wars game with unique features and gameplay.

Why should I invest in your game?

  • We offer a unique gun system with a advanced hitbox created just for your combat needs, unlike other games using raycasting, we went way farther.

  • We are a promising development team willing to develop 24/7 for the user experience to be perfect.

  • In game perks and dizzy perks such as a Investor tag, a free bundle of 1000 cash and instantly 50 XP (1 kill = 5 xp so you got a insane bonus).

  • Unique ability to call a votekick & send a priority report to a moderator.

  • A free jetpack and a custom team uniform.

Okay, that’s cool but what guarantee’s this game’s success?

As you can see, we got many features that are quite interesting and overall we are working everyday to develop the game, we just need YOU to help us reach that goal.

Alright, I’m interested! Where do I contact you?

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: xMa#4328
:roblox: achdef