Project Feedbacks And Thoughts

My latest project is done and open to public.
What do you think?

(Thoughts , must be addeds , map , sounds and things like these.)

Note: Use full graphics and at least 6. level volume.



The story is very interesting and the game well made, looks like you put hard work into graphics and all the builds. I found the intro kinda long and boring, at first I thought the game wasn’t working lol

So far the visuals are great, I think there’s too much motion blur however. But if this is intentional for the feel of the game I get that. The music is also nice.

I found myself constantly walking around in circles not paying attention to the story much as I completely missed the beginning by looking at my surroundings. The bloom is very harsh with the depth of field, making it very hard to decern what I’m reading or looking at sometimes.

A small cursor in the center of the screen would be a great addition, entering the keypad was annoying; while the back keypad doesn’t work outside of 147 and enter.

I liked it, but any fun element was lacking. No cutscenes, nothing really (or at least I left before then); you should consider adding some things that could drag away the player’s attention outside the window or on some of the panels to add more compelling elements.

While I was harsh in my review, it’s by no means bad. I like it a lot, it’s well put together but with some pretty glaring flaws that need to be fixed.

Thank you all for the feedbacks.
I’ll will be adding more things to do.

(By the way , I Know blur is too high. That’s because of the character’s eye problem which can be learned in the storyline.)

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This might just be a glitch I encountered but nothing really happened. I spawned into the room with no way out; The dialogue worked fine although I didn’t really understand what was going on or what the objective of the game was. One of the keypads also isn’t accessible due to the click range and the lack of a cursor makes it hard to input the digits. I’d also recommend fixing the spelling on some of the signs and in the dialogue as I noticed quite a couple errors.