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  • Current Version: Alpha (Closed)
Implemented Maps
  • Treasure Island - Main Lobby Island
  • Island of the lost Pirate
  • The cave (A.K.A The Gulag)
  • Shipwreck Island
  • [Redacted] (Game thumbnail??)

Project Island is a competitive PvP game where the aim is to steal the opponents treasure chests by any means possible to win the game. You can fight players using swords and cannons, Upgrade your weapons and most of all become number 1 on the global leaderboardā€™s to show-off to the Project Island Players.

Update Logs:
The Saqlix Team are dedicated to the Project Island game and push out updates frequently. You can view our up to date Update Log below.

Update Logs

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Staff and Developers

Staff Team

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Development Team
  • xJen_za - Lead Developer
  • Vacant - Assistant Lead of Development
  • Vacant - Developer (Building)
  • Vacant - Developer (Modelling)
  • Vacant - Developer (Sound Effects)
  • Vacant - Developer (User Interface)
  • Vacant - Developer (Programming)
  • Vacant - Developer (Programming Off Site Systems)

This Bulletin Board is subject to updates unannounced please do keep an eye out for any significant changes to data, vaulting of items etcā€¦

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