Project Management 101

Project Management 101

This post is meant to publicize my experience regarding managing large scale development projects on the Roblox platform and provide readers who are new to project management with the basics to help guide them through the process.

No matter what project your making, if it involves over two people you’ll usually have someone managing it. With this being the case, and Development Studios becoming larger, I have noticed a trend of some projects being irresponsibly managed, or in some cases even neglected, and this is due to a lack of organization most of the time. Let me be clear, organization is one of the most important factors when your managing a project.

So how do you organize your development team? How do you help your project get on track? How do you guide your partners through the hassles of game development? How do you manage your project? This all depends on your project size and the people your working with, but I’ll be listing a few basics that might help you out.

Workplace Cooperation

Initial Meeting :ear:

You’ve gathered a development team and your ready to start your project, ready to assign tasks, ready to get to work. Take this moment to stop, your managing a project but remember, you’ve got other human beings who have lives who are also going to be working with you. So take the opportunity to get the entire development team in touch with each other to participate in an initial meeting. I usually facilitate this for my clients by setting up a discord group chat and figuring what time is best to have a group call, in some situations your developer might not be able to communicate his voice, but I usually recommend to have it as a requirement that they can listen in (ie. exception can be made in circumstances). Once you’ve gathered your new development team in a group call, your going to want to let everyone introduce themselves and then go over details such as, payment plans, workplace expectations and go over your formal agreement (ie. always sign a formal agreement for any projects your contracting developers for) one more time.

Once your team has participated in this initial meeting your ready to move onto the planning phase!

Project Planning

Planning & Managing :compass:

Effective Project Planning is key to development within any game on Roblox. During the planning phase, it is a Project Managers responsibility to make sure each developer is getting their right work assigned, and making sure they complete it, this meaning any development team working on a project should ideally meet on a daily basis (ie. via call) to discuss what tasks have been completed and what tasks are laid out for the coming day, less ideally your development team should at least be meeting twice a week. Project Planning continues all the way through development, and post development to help push updates out that keep your game fresh.

Project Management Resources

The internet is a library of resources and you should take the opportunity to use them, when it comes to project management I use the following,

  • Slack

  • Trello

  • JIRA

  • Asana

  • Wrike

I hope you find this resource helpful even though it is one of my shorter ones. If you think someone you know may benifet off this resource share it with them. I’d like to restate that this all comes purely from my experience in the Game Design field on Roblox. Once again thanks for reading! :grinning:


Thank you for the tips this is definitely gonna help me with my new team


No problem, happy to be able to help out.

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You need to make a 101 series for game development. Have a place with all the links to make it into a very helpful encyclopedia. I can really see that what you have in these posts are really helpful and edifying, especially for people just getting into game design. You are doing a disservice to the Roblox devs by not putting it out there!

Hey @oggy521 , sadly DevForum rules are against the creation of resource link hubs. Feel free to check out my DevForum profile to access my array of 101 series posts.