Project: Reborn - Updates

Welcome to Reborn, a project where players can explore a massive world of dragons, engage in quests and battles! Become a family leader and start a guild! Create a party with friends for an adventure!

Tags: Fantasy | Medieval | RPG | Adventure
Arcane Adventures inspired game.

Release Marks:

  1. Pre-Alpha
  2. Alpha
  3. Beta
  4. Full Release

Leader/ Builder: @Apocryphanian
Co-Leader/ UI Designer/ Programmer: @Jozeni00
Animators: BLEEN5667
Gfx Designers: LittleRapscallion
3d Modelers: RaidFrostYT_1, au2007

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Pre-Alpha Update v1.42

  • Added 24/7 data scan.
  • Random spawns fixed.
  • Ability to buy more slots.
  • Main menu Gui.
  • Main menu scenery.

Pre-Alpha Update v1.46

  • New loading screen.
  • New menu background.
  • Gui animations.
  • New Game menu fix.
  • Data scan fix.
  • New running animation by BLEEN5667.

Pre-Alpha Update v1.47

  • Main menu complete with transitions and sounds.
  • Main menu can now see your loaded character.
  • Ability to purchase up to 10 save slots.
  • New rolling animations (front, back, side) by BLEEN5667.
  • Slight fix for Sprinting animation.