Project Roblox Racers ver 1.1 Update

Hey, developers!

I am adding a mega update for Project Roblox Racers. I am calling it the “The more, the merrier” Update. Here are the details.

You can now play in Project Roblox Racers itself with 100 players playing at once.
More cars are in development! Including fan favourites like SUVs!
“Bloxsurf island” development has begun! A new location in the new update! (Gamepass required.)
A new island dealership is being added!
A construction site has been setup for Underdrive Metro.
Making lighting improvements!
A new title screen!
New “SMS” message service. People can send you texts on your in game phone using this service.
Enhancements to Bloxtopia City Core.
Car customization development has begun!
Beginning to develop datastore. (Saving data!)
Creating loyalty points! (Mega prize: exclusive car.)

Thank you for reading the update details, releasing in 2020.

Happy developing, all!

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