Project Scarlett Update Log

Pre-Alpha Version

  • Added reset stats command.
  • Removed some cars from dealership to reduce lag.
  • Fixed headlights on all vehicles.
  • Fixed a bug where the F65 would freeze in the air after spawning.
  • Fixed a bug where the engine sound wouldn’t play due to a ROBLOX update.


Pre-Alpha Version
  • Undid the April Fools Day event.
Pre-Alpha Version (April Fools Day 2022 Event)
  • Removed main menu, what’s the point?
  • Removed city, too laggy.
  • Removed PC players, to make room for:
  • Added mobile support (only mobile can play now).
  • Added 1 road and 6 trees with a grass field.
  • Added the Rock to watch over you.
  • Added text to let you know that you are playing the mobile update.
  • Removed literally all gameplay features.
Pre-Alpha Version
  • Added cruise control
  • Added option to turn off shadows, click the settings button on the left.
  • Disabled shadows for outside lights
  • Updated engine sounds (not final)
  • Other minor changes/bug fixes.
Pre-Alpha Version
  • Added headlights to cars that didn’t have them (press “L” to enable them).
  • Updated lighting inside dealership to reduce impact on the client.
Pre-Alpha Version
  • Added Scarlett automotive center.
  • Added 12 new cars: Honestegg Drasko, McHairan R1, Doge Defiance, Mersaydes F65, Mersaydes CL25, Wakeru BZ, Porch 81, Porch 91, Beep Tangler, Edison Model 4, Bored Stallion, Folkswagon Roach.
  • Added interior rendering system.
  • Added loading screen to let the map load.
  • Updated saving system - no more money resets (hopefully).
  • Updated main menu UI to match in-game better.
  • Updated Luke Energy Center lighting.
  • Fixed bans for Moderation panel.
  • Fixed road signs not matching roads.
  • Removed old textures from roads to fix clipping problem.
  • Removed Unia F8 and Doge Vengeance from inventory, you can purchase them at the dealership.
  • Reset all balances to $50k.
Pre-Alpha Version
  • Patched holes in roads/sidewalks.
  • Shrank the wheels on the Doge Vengeance.
  • Fixed news tab starting on the wrong page, causing it to stack all the pages on top of each other.
  • Fixed clouds not being correct during rainy weather (hopefully).
  • Updated test server to latest version (missed it on the last one).
Pre-Alpha Version
  • Added rest of Phase 1 of the road redo, performance should be much better on all devices.
  • Removed blizzard, excess snow from ground.
  • Removed Christmas wrap from all cars, will be awarded to badge owners in future.
  • Removed Mersaydes G63 6x6
  • Fixed bug where main menu wouldn’t scale properly on all screen sizes.
  • Re-enabled all weather.
Pre-Alpha Version
  • Added Mersaydes G63 6X6, a limited-time luxury off-road truck.
  • Added first half of Phase 1 of new roads (New roads reduce parts by 93%) and removed old roads.
  • Added snowy ground, filling in the void.
  • Added Holiday 2021 badge.
  • Added Holiday 2021 wrap to all vehicles.
  • Added interaction button to enter vehicles (was added in the previous version by mistake).
  • Added “Cold Front” music to main menu.
  • Enabled Luke Energy Center lights, two sides are red and the other 2 are white, like a candy cane.
  • Updated the model for the dog battery and renamed it to DOGE Vengeance.
  • Updated the Ouchie AH’s name to Unia F8.
  • Updated news tab to reflect the holiday event.
  • Moved spawn location and added presents.
  • Improved loading times.
Pre-Alpha Version
  • Added snowy weather, disabled all other weather modes.
  • Updated car sounds.
  • Updated car aerodynamics.
Pre-Alpha Version
  • Added weather system with clear, sunny, and raining weather.
  • Added dynamic clouds.
  • Reduced time taken to initialize the chassis.
  • Increased how long the daytime lasts.
  • Decreased how long the nighttime lasts.
  • Updated first page image of the news tab in the home menu.
  • Removed measurement parts from around the map.
  • Removed the baseplate along with texture parts on it.
  • Fixed the Ouchie AH side doors being transparent from the inside.
  • Fixed sidewalk on one of the overpasses being unanchored.
  • Optimized more backend code.
Pre-Alpha Version
  • Fixed a bug where your money wouldn’t update even when you were gaining money.
Pre-Alpha Version
  • Added settings menu in-game, you can enable or disable collisions for vehicles.
  • Changed cash for driving, you now earn money for every 1/8th mile.
  • Updated vehicle collisions, no more tire clipping through the road.
Pre-Alpha Version
  • Added radio to the cars, custom songs are free!
  • Added headlights, to enable them push the ‘L’ key.
  • Updated handling on all vehicles to be more realistic.
  • Fixed the passenger seat in the Ouchie AH.
  • Fixed the missing window on the Luke Energy Center.
  • Made adjustments to the aerodynamics.
Pre-Alpha Version 0.0.2b
  • Added a daylight cycle, it now switches to day or night every 5 minutes.
  • Added teleport buttons to the Moderation UI.
  • Updated steering on the Dog Battery and the Ouchie AH.
  • Made adjustments to the lighting.
Pre-Alpha Version 0.0.2a
  • Fixed a bug with the cash to drive system
  • Replaced the Taha with the Ouchie AH
Pre-Alpha Version 0.0.2
  • Added new UI in servers.
  • Redid the money system, data is much more secure.
  • Redid the car spawner.
  • Redid the cash for driving system, you know earn more for driving more.
  • Added a 25% increase in cash earned for VIP gamepass owners.
  • Changed some Main Menu UI.
  • Other bugs fixes and minor changes.
Pre-Alpha Version 0.0.1b
  • Added a moderation menu for moderators and up.
  • Fixed a bug that wouldn’t save players money after they left the game.
Pre-Alpha Version 0.0.1a
  • Fixed a bug that would allow player to gain money when not in a vehicle.
Pre-Alpha Version 0.0.1
  • Added the layout for the roads.
  • Added the outlines for all the buildings.
  • Added the first part of Luke Energy Tower.
  • Added cars and car spawner.
  • Added money system.
  • Added script that gives you money for driving.
  • Added home menu.
  • Added music player.