Projectile Lag On Client Please Help

I was making a module to handle projectiles for me and this line of code on the server make it so it lags on the clients view.

Projectile.CFrame =,Projectile.CFrame.Position+BodyVelocity.Velocity)*OffsetOrientation

I already tried to replicate it to every client with renderstepped but it created a lot more problems.
I wanted to have the projectile follow the bodyvelocitys direction but it made so it stutters a lot.

      elseif v1 == "BulletFollow" then
        local Following 
        Followng = RunService.RenderStepped:Connect(function()
            if v2.Anchored then Followng:Disconnect() end
            v2.CFrame =,v2.CFrame.Position+v3)*v4

This is the code i tried on the client
and this is what it looks like.

Yes i have my network owner set. And if i set it to the player the projectile doesnt even move.

I’m still having this issue. I’ve tried to take pieces of code and place them in a better order and i have also tried replicating the code on the client again and i realized that since im setting the cframe to its own cframe it will just stay stuck in one place.

I finally did it! i just calculated where the bullet would be with deltatime!

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