Promoted Game Suggestions

I’d love to be able to pay to have my game shown in “Suggested Games”. It would work the same way as regular ads, except you just pay instead of having to be artistic.

A good way to do this is ROBUX only, max bid of 1,000, and auto recurrence option.

I know from friends that they “game surf” the suggestions box.

Suggested Games aren’t meant for that, and I honestly don’t want a feature where you can pay to get a place on the game page. That is something that you have to earn…

Create a cool game, and get there all natural. We aren’t a community that is based on the person that gives the most money…

You’d still need an appealing/artistic thumbnail or ad to get players to click, so that wouldn’t remove that requirement. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think smaller devs want the games page change more often. Maybe some games could be placed on the front page based on the growth/acceleration of their stats, rather than their present state. Like using the derivative of the game’s popularity, instead of just its popularity. This might promote more extreme game trends with lower periods.