Proper surfacegui depth sorting

Here’s how it should look

No surfaceguis

The arm in front is wider than the arm that’s behind the torso, so it should be rendering in front of the torso.

but wait :OOO

They’re actually sorting based on their adornee’s distance from the camera, not by which one is actually in front.

This is a common problem with 3D-2D crossovers, but yeah it should be addressed. I’ve played multiple ROBLOX games that seem a touch off due to this.

What’s happening is the center of the left arm is closer to the camera in pic #2 because of the perspective, so it’s being drawn on top of the other parts. This happens to all transparent bricks, decals, and a particles.

Is there any way it could be fixed? It’s really annoying to have to deal with.


The gun is wider than the torso, but is still being rendered underneath it because it’s farther away.