Pros and Cons about RDC 2019

Hey! I have a very busy schedule and was deciding if I should go to RDC or not. Do any of you guys have any pros and cons about the event?

EDIT: Gonna make a little poll:

  • RDC Game Jam is fun and I recommend it!
  • RDC Game Jam isn’t very fun, I would recommend it.

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You gotta fly. That’s scary…

Ok, yes I am afraid of flying… And afraid of heights. :tired_face:


Lmao, you may be afraid of flying, but I’m not, so for you that may be a con but not for me.

hope you overcome your fear if you get invited :wink:

A con I’m pretty sure everybody has thought about, is that Europe/Eurasia developers need to travel a longer distance in order to attend the actual convention. Although they have an option to meet other Eurasia developers at the viewing party, they can’t directly participate in the convention.


I say make sure you create your game jam team ahead of time and work with people you know else you’re going to end up with a very unproductive group unless you don’t mind that and just there to have fun


That’s true. That’s the reason why some people may not come, because it’s too far away. I’m not that far but I see what you’re saying.

I hope RDC 20 is like right beside me(In my province)…

I would say that some pros of the event include some new things you might learn while at RDC, and perhaps new developer friends you could meet during the event. Since you have a busy schedule, it also is possible (from my experience) to fly out Friday morning and depart on Sunday night if you want to, although it is nice to go out and explore some too. The one con I can think of is the price of flying, but constantly checking the prices is a good way to find the lowest price possible. Overall, RDC is totally worth it.


Biggest con is the 20 hour plane trip, along with that price tag for me :frowning:


Just wondering, how much is it, if you mind sharing, if you don’t it’s 100% okay. I respect your privacy.


Oh I have not actually went but plane tickets so far are costing me 4,000 for 3 people return from Australia to SF.


4K for 3 people!? That’s crazy! That’s about 1,333 dollars per person! Hopefully if you do make enough money, you can go!


Yeah, I got plenty stashed up now hehe and also $1333 AUD > $939.66 USD


Slightly off topic but that’s completely irrational. You’re far more likely to die on the way to the airport.


While lots of people might tell you to go for the game jam, I feel like the best way to enjoy the conference is by meeting new developers (after all that is why it’s called a conference). I did the game jam last year and it was fun, although I feel like I missed out on meeting a lot of people.

Didn’t get invited, but I live right in California which means it wouldn’t be that expensive to travel.


Definitely go! This is the best opportunity for you to meet up with other Developers from ROBLOX. You will have an absolutely amazing time, from the sounds of it.

I personally have never attended RDC but I know it will be great. Sure it’s only 3 days, but think about how much fun you’d have. Being in California, meeting new developers, meeting developers you already know, etc.

I will be going to next years RDC because I’m not invited unless there is another way to get in…

Did you try applications? Heres the link Apply to RDC 2019! but I don’t know if they stopped accepting them


California is a far trip and it’s a very expensive trip that is why I cannot go