Protecting leaderstats

So I’m scared that exploiters can change their leader stats values, so I was thinking about how to protect them.
I heard of duplicating their values on the server but IDK how it is done.
And is it possible for them to change their stats from the client if there is no backdoors/exposed events?
Any help is more than appreciative!

As long as everything is done on the server you’re fine exploiters can only change things on the client. (Also be sure to secure any remotes if you have any)

For example if you were to have a player click a button to buy something and fire a remote to the server make sure you only pass over the item. Then check on the server if that item exists and if they have enough money.


You have to secure RemoteEvents and everything else and do not use free models as most of these contain backdoors. If you follow these simple rules your game should be safe from most harmful exploits.

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Yea, I know that, events are secured perfectly :slight_smile: