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A OTS gun system, made for Amery Corporation and the Zulu Foundation.

Projectile Physics Test

Missile Testing

Messing with PathfindingService

A lag test game, made this when they were all the hype.

A sword fight and stay alive game, sword is made by Roblox (FM) and the rest is me. Time data saves.

A morph testing game that uses accessories instead of parts/meshparts (see desc for commands)

SCP Testing Tablet System (logs to Discord webhook)

Randomizer Paradise (made with a friend’s very old gun system, no longer updated)

Sword Testing (made with Roblox’s base model but custom scripts, however it’s old and outdated)


You may contact me via (e-mail) or BarMars#0001 (Discord), or here on the Developer Forum. I generally respond faster via Discord or e-mail.


I prefer payments in USD, via either CashApp or PayPal, but I do occasionally accept Robux for smaller jobs. Anything valued at over $65 USD must be sent via PayPal or CashApp. (I don’t mind if you use purchase protection, but you must cover the fee if you choose to.)

If you’ve worked with me in the past, feel free to leave a review below this post.

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