Proximity Prompt Feedback

I am creating a custom proximity prompt. But I am trying to figure out if I should use the default roblox proximity prompt styles code. Or If I can write my own code for it. The question I am trying to get help on is: If a game is set to keyboard keybinds. But a console player joins the game does the keyboard keybinds convert automatically by roblox to a chosen console keybind.

No. I’ve seen games on console say “press g” and not a single button works. The only thing that automatically converts is A and the back button i believe. I could be wrong. Oh and the D pad.

So. Only a curtain kind of keyboard keybinds can be converted into a console keybind?

Im pretty sure that’s how it works. Certain things are automatically converted but if you do a custom prompt with a custom button it might not work on console.

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There is a GamepadKeyCode setting under the Proximity Prompt instance that you can apply.

Also, I just thought about this, when they release roblox for PS5, which is soon, the buttons r different, triangle, circle, etc

I’m sure they’ll update the Prompt instance when it does come out.

Yeah you’re right, I was just stupid lol