Proximity Prompt Issues | Needing Help!

Hi, I’ve been having some issues with a Proximity Prompt not appearing on the screen. The Proximity Prompt was working before and now is not working, I’ve tried multiple things like re-adding it, watching youtube videos, etc.


I’ve tried multiple things (such as the things above) and I’ve listened to someone and he cannot figure it out either.

Easy fix, try this.

Select your Proximity, go to the properties.

Disable “RequiresLineOfSight”. Fixed!

Someone told me to enable it, but I’ll see if this works!

Requires Line Of Sight doesn’t show the Proximity Prompt if you have a big block, or a part that is occluding the proximity prompt.

It does it like usual the written script, but it still doesn’t show up even though it works now. Also my door script still ain’t letting me into it.

Let’s gooo I got it to work! But the button doesn’t show but still works though? Even though you can’t see it?

You may just need to change the UI offset, as it is probably hidden in the part.

Can I see what you mean by that, maybe a screen shot?

So the Proximity Prompt doesn’t show up, though when I press E (the function for the door) the script works,


Nevermind, it was because I had it on custom.

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