Proximity prompt not visible!

Hi guys!
So basically this thing has been happening lately where (in 2 games now) the proximity prompt I add does not show up when testing, no error messages are being said in the output and everything in the properties of the proximity prompt appears as usual. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling roblox studio! I can provide footage, screenshots etc…

here is the script that in the proximity prompt:

local proximityPrompt = script.Parent 

	print("this works!")

Please can someone help! :sob:

(I am writing this at 1 am)


if you add the ProximityPrompt to a Character’s HumanoidRootPart or to a rig’s HumanoidRootPart
Turn RequiresLineOfSight to false
if you didn’t turn it to true

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Turn light of sight property and you would be fine

It is parented to a basepart.

developer forum said I could.'t have so few words so these are fillers

here is a screenshot of the properties of the proximity prompt:

Turn requiredlineofsight off. Or in simple terms uncheck that little bluebox next to “RequiresLineOfSight”

What are the properties of the part by the way?

you absolute silly buffon

prompt.Triggered will run when the prompt is triggered, so whenever the interact key is pressed (E by default)

also, what everyone else said, uncheck RequiresLineOfSight

OH IM SO STUPID I thought you had to have requires line of sight on! It was on by default which is odd.

Also it is not the print that is not visible it is the proximity prompt itself.