Proximity Prompt rectangle restriction?

I’ve been working on making a bench, that rather then using a ton of seat permanently down, there’s a proximity prompt that when activated, it places a seat on the bench as close to the person as it can, and then puts them in it, but I’ve had the issue where proximity prompts are using a round area for checking when to pop up.

as you can see, that one looks fine, but if I move away…

Then the issue is quite obvious, and I was wondering if there was any easy way to do this? if not, I’ll just use permanently there seats, but I’d rather not use them.

Also I wasn’t sure if this would go in building category or scripting, so I put it in scripting because I thought it would require scripting to restrict it properly, so tell me if I should move it.

Perhaps you could have your own code for checking whether the prompt should be visible and toggle its enabled property based on that.

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You could re-use the same code that places the seat on the bench to make an invisible part on the bench as close to the player as possible at all times, and that part contains the proximity prompt? just an idea.

I’ll try writing one up, probably the best idea

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