Proximity Prompts Have Me Lost

The proximity works completely fine when I test the game in studio, however in team tests or the actual game absolutely nothing works. I’ve tried searching all over for a fix, but no one even has this problem. I’ve run out of ideas of what to do, please help.

Here are some images and videos in case any of that is the problem:
Script - Roblox Studio 11_10_2022 10_51_39 PM
White Rooms  - Roblox Studio 11_10_2022 10_49_36 PM

There’s a couple of things that can cause this. Just for the record, could you check if:

  1. You have unsaved changes to your script (E.G. Committing your code if you have collaborative editing on)
  2. You don’t have any errors when play-testing.

Thanks, I didn’t think that mattered in team test. Everything is working now


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