Proximity Prompts have stopped working

I am currently working on a game that relies on Proximity Prompts for interaction. All of a sudden, any new proximity prompts I create are not registering in the .Triggered event ProximityPromptService.PromptTriggered function. I have looked throughout the developer hub for help but nobody was experiencing my problem. I’ve tried copy-pasting the prompt scripts that worked on my past prompts without changing anything and the new one still didn’t function. I’ve also made it whenever the PromptTriggered function is triggered it prints the prompt that was triggered, and the new one doesn’t print when it is triggered. I don’t think adding my script here would be nessasary, but if you want me to post it just ask.


Are you cloning it into a new object/creating one everytime something is ran?

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I create the new proximity prompt and script and put it in a part and have the script do

if prompt == script.Parent.UpPrompt then
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It’d still would be helpful to provide the script, it’s #help-and-feedback:scripting-support after all

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It’s a bit long, pretty much an elevator door opening script

local downarrow = script.Parent.Decal
local downarrow2 = script.Parent.Parent.DownArrow
local tweenservice = game:GetService("TweenService")
local open = script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Elevator.ElevatorDoors.Open
local proximitypromptservice = game:GetService("ProximityPromptService")

proximitypromptservice.PromptTriggered:Connect(function(prompt, plr)
	if prompt == script.Parent.UpPrompt then
		prompt.Enabled = false
		downarrow.Color3 =, 1, 0)
		downarrow2.Material = Enum.Material.Neon
		local beep = game.ReplicatedStorage.Sounds.ElevatorBeep:Clone()
		beep.Parent = downarrow2
		print("Checking for Open")
		if open.Value == false then
			print("Opening Doors")
			local leftdoor1goal = {}
			leftdoor1goal.Position =, script.Parent.Parent.ElevatorDoors.LeftDoor.Position.Y, script.Parent.Parent.ElevatorDoors.LeftDoor.Position.Z - 2.99)
			local leftdoor2goal = {}
			leftdoor2goal.Position =, script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Elevator.ElevatorDoors.LeftDoor.Position.Y, script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Elevator.ElevatorDoors.LeftDoor.Position.Z - 2.99)
			local rightdoor1goal = {}
			rightdoor1goal.Position =, script.Parent.Parent.ElevatorDoors.RightDoor.Position.Y, script.Parent.Parent.ElevatorDoors.RightDoor.Position.Z + 2.99)
			local rightdoor2goal = {}
			rightdoor2goal.Position =, script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Elevator.ElevatorDoors.RightDoor.Position.Y, script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Elevator.ElevatorDoors.RightDoor.Position.Z + 2.99)

			local leftdoor1tween = tweenservice:Create(script.Parent.Parent.ElevatorDoors.LeftDoor,, leftdoor1goal)
			local rightdoor1tween = tweenservice:Create(script.Parent.Parent.ElevatorDoors.RightDoor,, rightdoor1goal)
			local leftdoor2tween = tweenservice:Create(script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Elevator.ElevatorDoors.LeftDoor,, leftdoor2goal)
			local rightdoor2tween = tweenservice:Create(script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Elevator.ElevatorDoors.RightDoor,, rightdoor2goal)


			open.Value = true


		if open.Value == true then
			local leftdoor1goal2 = {}
			leftdoor1goal2.Position =, script.Parent.Parent.ElevatorDoors.LeftDoor.Position.Y, script.Parent.Parent.ElevatorDoors.LeftDoor.Position.Z + 2.99)
			local leftdoor2goal2 = {}
			leftdoor2goal2.Position =, script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Elevator.ElevatorDoors.LeftDoor.Position.Y, script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Elevator.ElevatorDoors.LeftDoor.Position.Z + 2.99)
			local rightdoor1goal2 = {}
			rightdoor1goal2.Position =, script.Parent.Parent.ElevatorDoors.RightDoor.Position.Y, script.Parent.Parent.ElevatorDoors.RightDoor.Position.Z - 2.99)
			local rightdoor2goal2 = {}
			rightdoor2goal2.Position =, script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Elevator.ElevatorDoors.RightDoor.Position.Y, script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Elevator.ElevatorDoors.RightDoor.Position.Z - 2.99)

			local leftdoor1tween2 = tweenservice:Create(script.Parent.Parent.ElevatorDoors.LeftDoor,, leftdoor1goal2)
			local rightdoor1tween2 = tweenservice:Create(script.Parent.Parent.ElevatorDoors.RightDoor,, rightdoor1goal2)
			local leftdoor2tween2 = tweenservice:Create(script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Elevator.ElevatorDoors.LeftDoor,, leftdoor2goal2)
			local rightdoor2tween2 = tweenservice:Create(script.Parent.Parent.Parent.Elevator.ElevatorDoors.RightDoor,, rightdoor2goal2)


			open.Value = false
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you can tell I copied my previous script because it have downarrow variables despite being an up button

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I have decided to change my system so it no longer requires the new proximity prompt, but helping here would still help for any later proximity prompts

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I now have a very short script for a new proximity prompt, and the script isn’t printing “Chair Prompt Triggered” into the console. It is printing “Chair Prompt Script” though

print("Chair Prompt Script")

	print("Chair Prompt Triggered")
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