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About Me


I am ProXpire, I have been building on Roblox for just over 3 years, only recently becoming semi-professional and working for payment. I have worked for Ro-Nation type groups and Simulator based groups. I mainly build in a realistic style, but I am trying to learn how to better build in Low Poly through Studio. I am also learning how to 3d model through Blender to hopefully expand my capabilities as a developer.


I do any of the following services:

  • Selling my pre-built models [Cheaper than custom work]
  • Selling custom builds [Dm me with all specifications and reference images]
  • Project work [I require weekly pay for project work, and a % of the game income when it is finally released.]

(I am currently learning to 3D model, and possibly begin doing GFX and GUI design. These are not yet services I provide)

Past experience:

  • McDonald’s Franchises - 15k Members (Co-Owner, Development Manager) (Group Closed)
  • United Kingdom
  • The Greater Germany (Project Manager - Group closed)
  • The Kingdom of France (Builder - Group Closed)
  • Grill n Vibes (Owner)
  • The Kingdom of Calastar (Lead builder)
  • Button Legends - Orangely Studios (Builder)


Please visit the linked game to view some of my example models and a few past builds.


I am largely available 5 days a week, I may be busy on weekends.

I currently have 1 on-going project which may limit my availability for lower-paying projects.


Payment will be discussed upon hearing about the project you’d like me to work on. I take Robux payment and may take a % of game cuts in addition to Robux, which is my primary pay.


You can Dm me on Discord at - ProXpire#2425
You can Dm me on twitter at - @pxpire
Or contact me through the developer forums.

Please contact me if you wish to enquire about my work, or would like to discuss hiring me.